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Hello World, and hello, Blog space.

I've created my site and my blog space near on a million times. Each time, hell bent on knuckling down and writing. Then, I think, "I'll do it tomorrow." And as Ronan Keating sings, tomorrow never comes.

Writing is part of me, no matter what I seem to think. No matter what new adventure I decide to go on. No matter what I think is my new priority, writing (like many things these days) is a part of me.

From a young age, I have sat and written, even on my typewriter (do I sound pre-historic?), as a child, I would write.

My mind constantly thinks of plots, characters and god knows what else all the time. So, why I always stamp on them so I can do something else, I don't know.

This plot has been plaguing me since I was a child initially, I self-published it in 2013 and scrapped it in 2014 with the plan to give it up, but I can't. So I 've spent all my time since then, thinking about it. Because the novel is pretty concrete in my head I've got no planning material to hand though.

Over the coming weeks I'll be dealing with that and creating a writing bible so that I have all the information, for any book I write, to hand. I'll also make sure I get my ass in to bed about half hour earlier too write. I could sit on my computer and do it... but I get distracted by The Sims. I know, I have no will power.

I may even venture out the house to write... but that's a little crazy right now.

This is the beginning of the journey, and hopefully I'll be able to shout that "It's published," before too long.

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